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Felipe Cagno
Artist | Professional
Filmmaker / Writer / Publisher

:earth: Current Residence: São Paulo, Brasil

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:reading: COMIC BOOKS

The Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand (Available Now!)
3-2-1: Fast Comics Vol. 1 (Available Now!)
3-2-1: Fast Comics Vol. 2 (Pre-Production)
Blind Spot: Training Years (Pre-Production)
Relics: The Search for Captain Kidd's Loot (Active Development)
Sharp Shootin': Crows' Nest (Active Development)


Bala Sem Nome (Post-Production, 2015, "Bullet With No Name")
Bom Demais Para Ser Verdade (Script Stage, 2016, "Too Good To Be True")


Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 11:11 AM


We've been running the contest for a little while and have made a preview available, now it's time to release the FULL BOOK on Comixology!! Just click RIGHT HERE or hit the picture below to head over to Comixology and get your digital copy :D


Hello everyone,

We have our Contest Entries coming in (you can check them out at… and now we need some themed pin-ups to compose the first DepthRADIUS article about the "321: Fast Comics Art Contest"! The contest is not just for stories, but also for pin-ups, and so are the cash prizes and monthly subscriptions :D

The articles are published by :icontechgnotic: through DepthRADIUS which I'm sure you have seen a couple before like

321: The Ultimate Narrative Challenge


321: The Ultimate Narrative Challenge

By techgnotic
321: Fast Comics Variant Cover by MARCIOABREU7, redeve
321: 3 Pages, 2 Characters, 1 Twist Ending
Fellow community member FelipeCagno is running a comic book contest on his DeviantArt page that represents a fantastic opportunity for all of the storytellers in the community.
 or  Norman Rockwell, All American Deviant


Norman Rockwell, All American Deviant

By techgnotic
Norman Rockwell Tribute by Sarafinconcepts
Few artists have so definitively reflected the lives of average Americans as Norman Rockwell.
He began his lifetime dedication to being the “America’s Illustrator” as the 19-year-old art editor for Boys’ Life, the house publication of the Boy Scouts of America. A few years later he assumed his more famous position at The Saturday Evening Post, though he never broke his ties with the Boy Scouts.  His
 or perhaps  Brian Kesinger: Character Driven


Disney Artist Brian Kesinger on Creating Story through Character
Foreword by techgnotic
It is with great pleasure we welcome BrianKesinger as a guest writer to the Today Page Editorial Team. Considering his authentic citizenship within the deviantART community, his thoughts and insights will be of great value to all aspiring artists, illustrators, writers and others involved in any creative endeavor. For over 18 years, Brian has worked for Walt Disney Studios on films like Big Hero 6, Winnie the Pooh, Tarzan, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph and

These go to thousands and thousands of deviants, some even to the entire community and we need the pin-ups to go along the 321 Story Entries we've had so far, not to mention you can get CASH PRIZES for them if you place in the Top 3 of the season \o/

The Theme for the Pin-Ups is "1950's/1960's Diners, Burger Places, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc"

Rockwell Spiderman by lukeradlDINER by rokutobiyamoriFat Gas Robot Diner by MadspeitersenAt the Diner by vern-arghJackie Rose by ktshyStreet Fighter 25th Anniversary Diner by edwinhuangJump City Diner Teen Titans by OtisFramptonJump City Diner X-Men by OtisFrampton

:star::star::star:THE 321 ART CONTEST IS HAPPENING AT FULL STEAM!:star::star::star:

Para Regras e Instruções em Português, acesse

:bulletblue: THE GOAL

To take part in the ongoing 321 Art Contest where the goal is to submit Themed Pin-Ups & Comic Book Stories that have:

3 Pages
2 Characters
1 Twist Ending

As long as your story respects the above rules, anything goes! Feel free to to do a Western, Superheroes, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Daily Life, it's really up to you and your creative team.

The Theme for the Pin-Ups is "1950's/1960's Diners, Burger Places, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc"

Feel free to submit pin-ups only, just the stories or a combo of both!

:bulletblue: THE PRIZES

The contest will run until July '15 when the TOP THREE STORIES & the TOP THREE PIN-UPS will be published on the "321: Fast Comics Vol. II" book plus cash prizes!

:winner: 1st Place: $400 :winner:
:trophy: 2nd Place: $300 :trophy:
:w00t: 3rd Place: $200 :w00t:

:+fav: All three Pin-Ups will get $200 each :+fav:

:judge: But wait! That is not all! :judge:

-- Every MONTH up until July 2015 I will pick THREE STORIES to be digitally published as a Madefire Motion Book and highlighted in a series of DeviantArt articles by the team behind DepthRADIUS plus a little extra kick to it ;) --

All Top Three Monthly Winners will also receive a 3 Month DA Subscription

:bulletblue: THE RULES

:bulletred: Write & Produce a short comic book story no longer than 3 pages, with no more than 2 main characters with a surprise ending. Aside from the two main characters you are allowed to have as many people in the background as you want as long as they DO NOT interact with the story.

:bulletred: Stories can be either fully colored or B/W but they MUST be print ready. No pencils allowed. CG art, Digital, Traditional are all accepted.

:bulletred: Partnerships are encouraged!! Writers should team-up with artists and artists should find writers to collaborate with, team submissions are more than welcome as are solo works.

:bulletred: The Pin-ups are free as long as they follow the THEME outlined above on the first topic and can be delivered in any medium (i.e. sketch card, pin-up, B/W, CGI, Digital or Traditional Art, etc)

:bulletred: Every artwork must be 11x17in in size and at least 300dpi, including the pages! No need to upload the high resolution files to DeviantArt though, these will be required if they are chosen to be published on the book next year.

:bulletred: As many entries per contestant as you like, feel free to take part of the challenge every month, keep it PG-13 or Teen rated. 

:bulletred: Submit by sending a "LINK" to your own gallery either posting on THIS journal every month or sending me a NOTE. Your entry is confirmed when I reply to your comment and post it on the Art Contest gallery here (…, if you don't hear from me there's something wrong, so verify where you have posted your entry.

:email: Any questions feel free to Note me or reach me at :email:

Important: The rights to every artwork or story submitted remain YOURS, even if we choose to publish your story, they will be kept that way. If your story or pin-up is chosen for print publication and do not conform to the size and resolution required, we will have to pick another winner.


Entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PT) on the 30th of EVERY month. If it is received after the due date, it will roll over to the next month, and remember, the competition is ONGOING until July 2015.

DepthRADIUS articles will be published at the discretion of the good folks of DA and the monthly "321: Fast Comics" digital books will come out every third Wednesday of the following month along with the awarded subscriptions.

Important: Even if your artwork doesn't make it into the monthly books, it might still be highlighted on the DepthRADIUS articles, so keep'em coming :D


To read a FREE PREVIEW of the "321: Fast Comics Vol. I" comic book, just tap below to begin. It's a great example people can follow for their own stories.

:star: How to Write Your Own Comic

Finally I got some time to sit down and work on a new article. This one is about breaking up your story in panels and how that is a collaborative effort between the writer and artist since it's key to the narrative of the book.

Check it out at Writing 302: Action in PanelsYou may think this is solely up to the illustrator of the book but in fact it's actually a shared responsibility between writers and pencillers.
Camera Angles and Storytelling through Panels
As a writer it's your job to define the pacing and flow of the page and how your story will reach the readers. The artist's job is to take those directions, execute them as best as he can and apply his vision on top of the writer's. It is a collaborative effort and that's why writers and artists have to keep a constant communication.
Drawing a pin-up is one thing, telling a story through pictures is something else entirely. All your choices have weight and they should mean something, you should be very conscious of every single decision you take as an artist/writer when working on a comic book.
A close up has a very different desired effect than a wide shot for instance, and they each communicate something specific to your readers. So always keep in mind, "What do I want to communicate wi

:bulletblue: Writing 101 - Find Your Ending:
:bulletblue: Writing 102 - The Outline:
:bulletblue: Writing 201 - Crowd or Cast:
:bulletblue: Writing 202 - What's Your Job?:
:bulletblue: Writing 203 - Nice to Meet You:
:bulletblue: Writing 204 - Lego Blocks:
:bulletblue: Writing 301 - Formatting:
:bulletblue: Team Effort 101:

Thanks so much for checking them out :)

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Thanks for the fav brother!
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Gostei muito e parabéns pelo sucesso!! Bola pra frente!!
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Cara, acabei de ler um artigo sobre você e.... bom, em uma partezinha aqui e outra ali, eu acabei até me identificando. Principalmente no quesito principal: A tal história. Aquela história que te persegue e anos, fica martelando na sua cabeça, que parece que por mais que você tente criar coisas diferentes, elas sempre saem parecidas com aquilo. Eu tenho uma história assim. E assim como você, lá no início, não sei como produzí-la, como levá-la para frente. Provavelmente você não vai ler isso, mas a esperança é a última que morre, né? O ponto é: Assim como você, eu quero ajuda. Quero ajuda pra poder compartilhar com os outros essa história que eu criei, e venho lapidando a uns cinco anos, mais ou menos. Como você fez? Como começou? Eu preciso de um ponto de partida, e adoraria se você me desse pelo menos uma ajudinha nisso. Valeu!
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D-Stone Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
good looking gallery wish i had a good writer for a comic im starting, just me and a friend at work lol.
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Nossa, brigadão por me dar um Watch! Sou seu fã! Abs!!!
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Amazing galley Felipe! Was great to talk, and very excited to be doing some cool stuff with you. Thinking I'd love to write on of these short stories... :-)
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Thanks for the Halo fave! Always appreciated :D
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